Output increased by over 50%

Plymouth’s Right Price PVCU recently took delivery of an SMR-5 Welder from Haffner Murat, which has since helped the fabricator increase output by 50%.

Travis Chiddle, director at Right Price PVCU, said: “As a growing new-build fabricator, we needed to increase our output. We looked at what the market had to offer and approached Haffner Murat after reading about the SMR-5 welder in the industry press and seeing it in action at FIT 2019.We were impressed by what the machine had to offer, although we were sceptical when Dave Thomas said we wouldn’t need to use our other welder when the SMR-5 came on board.

“In fact, he was exactly right. We are welding frames so fast the saw centre can’t keep up. It’s a fantastic machine.”

With the SMR-5, one operator can weld four squares in just four minutes. It’s also capable of welding two corner/transom/corner windows or one window outer frame and two sashes in the same four-minute cycle. In short, with the SMR-5 welder you can weld twice as many frames within the same time as a standard quad welder.

The SMR-5 guarantees 90º welding every time thanks to automatic head positioning and self centering for transoms, ensuring accuracy and eliminating remakes. It is also able to cope with all window variations and complexities, making it a flexible machine to have on the factory floor, the company said.

“It’s a breath of fresh air to come across a product that delivers exactly what the marketing claims,” Travis said.“But the SMR-5 does. So much so, we are looking at adding a second machine when we expand our factory facilities in the next few months.”