Our website and yours

The new Ultion website from Brisant Secure offers an engaging experience, the company said, and has been launched with a product presentation page for customers with Ultion On Your Site.

Ultion On Your Site can be integrated onto any website from a selection of banner links. All that is required is a single line of script, described in a video tutorial.

And with the only links on the page going back to the original site it really gives the impression of being part of customer’s site, the company said.

One of the first companies to adopt this marketing presentation was Porta-Dors.

Managing director Theresa Dyer said: “Ultion On Your Site was so easy to incorporate within our website, that I did it myself on five different pages. The result is that our customers are fully informed about the performance of Ultion vs other cylinders, as we’re selling both a door and the perceived security that goes with it. Now over 90% of customers opt for Ultion, with the expectation to get this close to 100% in the coming months.”

With over 17,000 unique visitors to the Ultion website per month, Brisant has added the facility for homeowners to search for local Ultion door installers. There are also a number of engaging videos throughout the site, along with a webshop offering additional keys, padlocks, KeyRing, KeyCap, and a lock lubricant.

Nick Dutton, CEO of Brisant Secure, said: “The new website is beautifully presented with an installer search facility. But the true power, as Porta-Dors has experienced, is Ultion On Your Site.”