Orangery trend continues

Ultraframe has launched new Cornice range, which includes the original ‘classic’ Cornice and a contemporary ‘flat’ Cornice, available as one, two and three tiers.

Ultraframe design and development director Andrew Thomson said: “The adoption of Cornice and LivinRoom has been incredible. For many of our network partners, the inclusion of both components has almost become standard across their builds, delivering a more refined look akin to a contemporary orangery.”

The addition of the three new Cornice options available in any colour enhances the opportunity for retailers to ‘bespoke’ every design, and builds in a further layer of profit opportunity versus a standard conservatory, Ultraframe said.

One of the key attributes of the LivinRoom insulated pelmet is its variable internal projection which allows retailers to choose the optimum width (300mm-1200mm) to achieve the desired look of the interior space.

“We’re seeing growth in demand for solid roofs, but for homeowners who want to retain a large proportion of glass and achieve a real-room feel, the integration of a wide LivinRoom insulated pelmet delivers the best of both worlds,” Andrew said.

“Our offer to retailers is entirely focused on giving them the broadest range of products that allows them to deliver against any brief – regardless of its simplicity or complexity. Whether a homeowner is looking for an orangery style structure but has the budget for a conservatory, then for a relatively small price uplift they can achieve an orangery look and feel with the simple addition of Cornice and LivinRoom – and now with the addition of the new Cornice design, homeowners can choose either a traditional or contemporary look for their new orangery.”