On your marks

By Onlevel’s Gary Dean.

Onlevel is excited to be unveiling the latest addition to our ever-expanding product range: The Cobalt. This stand out point fixing is an incredibly innovative solution that visitors to the stand will be able to see first-hand.

It was only two years ago, around the time of the last FIT Show, when Onlevel launched in the UK. Fast forward two years and so much has changed for the business. Ground-breaking new products coupled with expert technical assistance have helped Onlevel to become one of the UK’s most innovative glass hardware suppliers.

Two years on and Onlevel has adhered closely to its ethos of only developing innovative products that bring something new to the table.

First into the market for Onlevel was the TL40 and TL60 glass balustrade profiles with Flex-Fit, Onlevel’s system for adjusting glass plates, shortly followed by the introduction of Skyforce, the sleek, easy-to-install Juliet balcony system.

The Skyforce Juliet balcony system was designed with two core elements in mind: ease of installation and having the most discreet fixing solution possible. The system dispenses with unsightly top and bottom rails, meaning the building owner gets all the benefits of the view without it being obscured by a thick handrail in the eye line.

Both Skyforce and the full range of glass balustrading systems will be available to view at the FIT Show, along with two innovative and exciting additions to the Onlevel portfolio.

Visitors will be able to see the long awaited ‘Kronos’, Onlevel’s new one-piece glass clamp, which fixes glass securely and swiftly, via a simple ‘one piece’ connection.

Not only does the Kronos clamp make life easier with a quicker installation and significant cost savings, Kronos has passed the ASTM B117 salt spray test (1,000 hours), meaning the zinc-nickel coated stainless steel clamp is assured to be rustproof.

The ‘one piece’ design means the clamp can be taken straight out of the box and fixed into place, removing the need to assemble/disassemble a traditional multi part clamp and tricky rubber gaskets.