No restriction prepped doors

Following the launch of its customer charter earlier this year, Doorco has announced its ‘no restriction’ prepped door service.

Dan Sullivan, managing director of Doorco, said: “It is well documented that the popularity of the composite door is growing and the market is getting bigger. With this demand comes complexity – customers are demanding more choice and there is greater competition out there.

“For Doorco, our policy is to not only keep up with these demands, but also make sure these complexities aren’t an issue for our customers. Having a prepping service is nothing new, but how many composite door manufacturers offer this service with no restrictions? Doorco customers can order any slab, design, glazing cassette and glass combination. And when it comes to colour, in addition to our eight standard slab colours and 38 premium colours, we can also supply any RAL colour as a special order.”

The company can also pre-glaze the doors for its customers too.