No compromise

Vetrotech Saint-Gobain showcased its advanced Lunax door system at the architect@work2020 exhibition in London recently.

The Lunax system meets the growing architectural trend of combining building transparency with aesthetic design and high safety standards, the company said.

Incorporating versatile Contraflam safety glass and just four discreet clamps, Lunax combines aesthetic appeal with on-trend transparency with heightened fire safety.

The development of Lunax was driven by achieving not just fire protection, but aesthetics that maximise natural light.

Doors can be customised with a large choice of handles, screen printing, coloured glass and many additional door accessories.

The Lunax system can be specified in single, double or asymmetrical double doors, making it ideal for both new build or renovation projects.

Lunax doors are fire resistant on both sides, and meet E, EW and EI classifications for both 30 minutes and 60 minutes.

Rob Wood, Vetrotech sales area manager UK and Ireland, said: “We’ve actually seen clients specify Lunax from a purely design point-of-view, as it’s a stunning product in its own right.

“But once you factor in the fire-resistant properties, thanks to our advanced and unrivalled Contraflam glass, it becomes an obvious choice.

“When architects realise they can integrate high-performance fire doors without compromising their design aesthetic, the interest in Lunax makes perfect sense.”