Newonline door portal

ODL Europe has launched its new online door portal.

Suzanne Nicholl, business development manager at ODL Europe, said: “When developing our new door portal, we kept the needs of our customers at the forefront of our mind.The system is easy to use and speeds up the ordering process which will be a benefit for our customers.”

Customers of ODL Europe have a secure login and an easy step-by-step process when placing their order.Customers select the door type, frame shape, style and colour before adding the dimensions and additional specification, including hardware options.Each door order comes complete with the price and sections and there are options to review and modify orders before placing them so the customer can double check the details before submitting them.

Once the quotation has been generated, the customer has the option to place the order.The confirmed order is sent direct to ODL Europe’s inhouse door prepping facility at its Bootle manufacturing plant before being completed, quality controlled, and dispatched to the customer.

“We encourage our customers to give us feedback so we can ensure the new door portal delivers at every stage of the process,” Suzanna said.“It’s only by listening to customers that we can continue to exceed their expectations.”