New timely double-glazing app

A new double-glazing smartphone pricing app has been made available a month earlier to help assist installers during the current climate.

And the company behind it will waive the monthly license fee for the app for the duration of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Double Glazing App by Virtape allows the consumer to measure and price windows and doors remotely in under 90 seconds.

Speaking about the decision to launch the app to the market with no risk to installers, Virtape’s MD John Cohen said: “We want to provide practical help to fenestration businesses large and small when they need it so have decided to drop the monthly minimum fee for the duration of the coronavirus outbreak, no questions asked.

“This means as an installer you only pay when you have a consumer using the app to get your prices. We will run on a month-to-month agreement so there are no long-term commitments and will provide Double Glazing App marketing assets free to help boost website lead generation.”

Virtape and sister company Leads 2 Trade have been working on the app since 2017.

“We designed the app to help installers get more enquiries and better conversion rates from their existing web visitors and were just about to start with four businesses to test the marketing messages ahead of the scheduled launch,” John said.

“But because people are aware of what we have developed, in the last week we have been asked if we can provide the app to cope with situations where consumers want to buy windows and doors but do not want to bring salespeople into their home, making sales difficult.

“And, while it hasn’t been developed as a contingency plan for an emergency such as this, with companies looking at their options should the traditional way of sending a rep to the home reduce, the ability to price a prospect without any face-to-face time may become hugely important in the near future, for both installers and consumers.”

Double Glazing App is available on iOS and android as a white label app so is licensed by the installer. Potential customers can download it from the installer’s website, measure the windows/doors with a tape measure or by using the phone camera, then submit the measurements and receive an accurate quote from the app.

“We are prioritising Leads 2 Trade members first before opening it up to other installers and we can get an installer set up in two days as long as they work with us and provide the things we need,” John said.

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