New tilt and turn system

VBH (GB) has added a new tilt and turn system from Italian hardware manufacturer AGB to its range of third-party branded products.

ArTech gear is protected by the Activeage finish that exceeds 2,000 hours neutral salt spray testing to EN ISO 9227, making it ideal for coastal regions and areas with higher levels of pollution.

The ArTech system has been developed for fabrication lines of all sizes, and comes with various hinge options including surface fit, rebated, jigless and the Plana concealed hinge system. The gear is connected via either a crop and punch connection system, or can be assembled on a manual line by using crop and cover connector plates, which allow manual cropping of the hardware without the need to punch a hole in the cropped faceplate.

Standard and PAS24 security configurations are available, ensuring Document Q compliance. Adjustable Anti-Burglar cams are supplied as standard too, acting as a compression point on standard windows or security mushroom cams when paired with a security striker.

Gearboxes on most tilt and turn systems are clamped to the drive gear faceplate, but ArTech’s is attached using concealed screw fixings for a more attractive linear design.

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