New sun shading range

Schueco UK has launched three new sun-shading systems: two are large louvre blade ALB systems and the third uses C-shaped and Z-shaped blades.

The first Schueco ALB system for 2017 provides effective sun-shading unaffected by wind. It incorporates large louvre blades in a variety of different geometries, colours and arrangements, thus allowing architects maximum design freedom. When mounted vertically, the blades may be specified in an active configuration.

The second Schueco ALB system has new rectangular and parallelogram shaped blades. Again, these may be installed vertically or horizontally and may be passive or active, so architects and planners can tailor the system to a building. Particular benefits include maximum light penetration, increased internal comfort and reduced thermal loading.

Schueco’s third new sun-shading system employs C-shaped and Z-shaped louvre blades. In addition to providing a perfect shading solution, the system provides buildings with year-round weather protection that is unaffected by wind or rain.