New outerframe

Spectus has launched a new 85mm outerframe, which aims to solve “a wealth of problems for fabricators and installers”.

The company claims the bigger outerframe solves three of the biggest problems that installers face when fitting doors and windows: fitting hinges to the frame is easier because there’s no need to try to avoid damage to plasterwork or having to make good the surrounds and décor; trickle vents are easier to accommodate; and packers are not needed on apertures.

Martin Althorpe, Spectus’s technical director, said: “Installers want to complete a neater job in a faster time, and all fabricators would like a little extra tolerance in manufacturing. The new 85mm outerframe fulfils both these wishes.”

The 85mm outerframe fits the Spectus Elite 70 bevelled suite and is available in classic white and anthracite grey.

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