New online ordering option

Euroglaze has extended its use of First Degree’s Window Designer software to make it easier for new customers to place online orders

Previously, new customers had to wait until they received a dongle key from Euroglaze, pre-loaded with all their pricing data to place orders online. Now, they simply log on directly to the Euroglaze Window Designer account via the cloud.

Euroglaze’s managing director Martin Nettleton said: “Window Designer is a really user-friendly design and pricing option which we know trade customers like because it is fast and accurate. For existing customers, we load Window Designer directly onto their servers for them, but for new customers we will just send them a username and password and they can get started with us straightaway using the pricing data that we have stored in the cloud.

“If trade customers like what we do, as we know they will, they can come onboard with us and, unlike the previous dongle system, if they have a number of different branches or trade counters, they can even share the login so that branches can quote and set up jobs on our system ready for the head office to place orders online.”

Existing or potential customers who want to do more with Window Designer than just price jobs, or who don’t have the high-speed internet access required for the cloud based option, can still request a dongle key from Euroglaze.

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