New fast cure sealant

Dowsil has launched a new, fast cure, 1:1 mix ratio structural and weatherseal sealant.

Dowsil 121 is more than ten times faster to cure than traditional single part sealants, but easier and quicker to apply than two part products, the company said.

It mixes automatically in the gun and can be quickly and easily applied with an electronic gun.

Dowsil 121 achieves full adhesion and structural strength in deep section in just one day (24 hours) compared with 14-21 days for single-part sealants.

It is supplied in a two-part 2 x 200ml cartridge, complete with a static mixer. The catalyst is a smooth, white paste and the base is tinted either black or grey. Once catalysed, the material cures into a medium-modulus, flexible silicone rubber that is suitable for use in shop or site structural and weatherseal applications.

Dowsil 121 is fully UV resistant, unaffected by extreme temperatures and conditions, remains flexible and is backed by a full Dowsil guarantee.