New exterior grade film

RenolitExofol PX Claystone is anew development for exterior grade films.

The soft clay colour is sophisticated and a particularly versatile neutral shade for new build, period renovations or commercial applications, the company said.

“Importantly, Claystone is enhanced by the addition of TruGrain, a new fine detailed wood style emboss which adds a dynamic nuance of realism to finished fenestration products.”

Claystone is an original pale sandy fawn colour with a greyish undertone, which benefits from a detailed TruGrain emboss.

“TruGrain contains fine linear woodgrain pores interspersed by none planking cathedrals giving movement and variety which accumulate in to a low gloss soft touch surface finish,” the company said.

Produced in the RenolitExofol PX grade of exterior films this product is launched with a warranty of up 15 years depending on global geographic climatic region.