New conservatory base

Leka Systems unveiled the Leka Xi Conservatory Base System at this year’s FIT Show.

Rhys Hoddinott, managing director of Leka Systems, said: “The Leka Xi Conservatory Base System is a new modular extension that raises the bar in thermally efficient home extensions or garden rooms. And due to its intelligent design, they can be constructed in just three to five days.”

It is a modular system that’s tailored to homeowner and installer requirements and is constructed using a Leka base, Leka walls and the Leka roof system. There are three- and four-sided options, so it can be used for both home extensions and standalone garden rooms. There is a choice of finishes and options for dwarf walls, full walls or defined heights. There are internal partition options if a subdivided space is needed.

Both the thermal efficiency and lifespan are exceptional thanks to the GRP construction of the base, walls and roof, the company said.

The modular nature of the system means it is ideal for sites with access restrictions because it arrives flatpacked. There is minimal groundwork required and installation typically takes three to five days, including fitting of the Leka base, Leka walls and Leka roof system.

“The Leka Systems Installer Network is increasing on a daily basis and we’re looking for fabricators to fulfil their requirements,” Rhys said. “Leka Systems typically increase a fabricator’s revenue stream by 10%-15% in the first year, so it’s an opportunity not to be missed.”