New account management

UAP has launched a new customer platform, the UAP Trade Portal, to complement its existing trade customer channels.

The purpose of the Trade Portal is to improve the efficiency of the ordering process, save time for customers, and to give them more control.

It performs a variety of benefits, the company said: the sales process is streamlined, replacing a call to the sales team with a self-service visit to the platform; customers can manage their accounts and view their order history, product stock levels, and prices; the portal is always accessible via PC, tablet and mobile, and customer orders and enquiries are no longer constrained to UAP office hours; ordering is easy, with customers able to browse, search, filter or upload a spreadsheet to find the relevant products; favourite or most-ordered products can be saved; and regularly purchased products can be easily re-ordered.

Owen Whitehead, head of digital marketing, said: “Initial feedback from customers about the new UAP Trade Portal has been extremely positive… We are confident that the UAP Trade portal will fulfil a major update to the UAP experience, giving customers transparency and a control of their account like never before.”