Mark safety glass faster

CRL says it now only takes a couple of seconds to clearly mark safety glass, with its sandblast kits.

Reported to be ‘significantly faster’ than using transfers and etching methods, the kits ensure safety glass is marked to European Standard requirements ‘in just two seconds’.

Ideal for busy production environments, the CRL blast pack safety marking kit and CRL detailed safety blasting machine kit are said to be straightforward to use and have everything needed to make clear marks on the glass.

The CRL blast pack safety marking kit comes complete with blast pistol for use with compressed air, one custom-made brass stencil, stencil holder, retaining ring, grit collection bag and 2.5kg of blasting agent.

The lettering is contained in a 25mm circle, for a professional finish on all types of safety glass.

The detailed safety blasting machine uses a stencil with smaller lettering that is contained in a 20mm circle. Custom logos in varying fonts are possible.

Custom stencils are sold in packs of five. The manufacturer suggests each stencil should provide approximately 400 marks when the machine is used correctly.