Machining choice

CSI Aluminium has chosen a Tekna TKE 944-7 four-axis heavy duty machining centre for its Hull factory, supplied and installed by Emmegi (UK).

An Emmegi customer for 20 years, the company approached Emmegi when it needed a new large capacity machine with a 7m bed.

CSI Aluminium is a specialist glazing and cladding fabricator, which has developed its own bespoke unitised curtain walling system for installing on sites with limited access for installation.

This system, which uses large 7m sections of Aluprof profile, can be installed from a tower crane.

In order to maximise the commercial benefits of this system, CSI approached Emmegi (UK) for a machine that could achieve the technical and performance levels required with a dedicated machine set-up, but which still represented good value.

The big benefit for CSI since it purchased its original Emmegi Phantomatic machining centre and Classic Star and Twin Ferro saws is that, in the intervening years, the global Emmegi group has acquired both the Tekna and Keraglass machinery businesses.

This means that Emmegi (UK) now has access to a much broader range of machine options, so can advise customers on the best option for virtually any drilling, machining or threading requirement, the company said.

The team at Emmegi proposed the Tekna TKE 944 machine as the perfect solution for CSI, because it has the large machining capacity required at the right price point and can link easily to the rest of the Emmegi machines in the factory.

It is a four-axis machining centre with a mobile gantry and 8kW high torque electro spindle suitable for heavy duty machining of the large sections of aluminium that CSI is using. The spindle moves along the A axis, allowing machining through a full 180° around each section. A clamp unit ensures the correct positioning of the sections every time, and counterblocks can be mounted quickly and accurately.

A 12 piece tool magazine mounted on the gantry reduces tool change times to optimise the productivity and efficiency of the machine.

Steve Bird, production manager at CSI, said: “The machine is doing all that Emmegi (UK) promised and is already helping us to deliver on a new £3.5 million contract for our unitised curtain walling system in central Manchester.

“As well as the purchasing advice we got from Emmegi (UK), we’re also benefiting from really good after sales service from its technical and installations team and the payback for us looks very positive.”

All of the machines under the Emmegi group banner can work seamlessly together and all are compatible with the LogiKal software that CSI uses for its processing and machine links.