Luxury garden room demand

AGS has launched GlasHaus Design, a luxury glass garden room company, following a rise in demand for outdoor living spaces.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, garden rooms and outdoor living spaces have become the latest luxury home addition as homeowners look to enhance their properties and create additional living space, the company said.

UK-based Google searches for ‘garden room’ rose by 297% in the 12 months following the first UK national lockdown.

As employees were asked to work from home, ‘garden office’ also experienced a huge increase in online searches, growing by 271% from March 2020 to March 2021.

The figures suggest workers are searching for a more balanced lifestyle, spending less time commuting and more time at home with friends and family, the company said.

Glashaus Design works with customers to design, manufacture and install bespoke glass garden rooms. They can be used as entertaining areas, office spaces, gym rooms, and more. Furthermore, garden rooms often don’t require prior planning permission, so you can add extra space to a home in a short amount of time.

SIP insulation panels are used in each build to ensure the outbuildings can be used all year round: they ensure the rooms stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Director of GlasHaus Design Ed Dupuy said: “Having previously served companies such as Apple and Hugo Boss, we’re excited to bring our structural glazing knowledge and skills to the residential market. By offering tailor-made outdoor living solutions that capture the essence of a property, we hope to inspire houseproud homeowners to spend more time at home in comfort and style.”