Low set up costs

Timber window fabricators and joiners at FIT Show were drawn to the AluWood stand because of the low set-up costs and fast lead times the aluclad timber window and door system manufacturer provides, the company reported.

AluWood featured its aluclad window and door system on its stand at FIT Show, demonstrating how easy the system is to manufacture using existing tooling.

“The fact that our system is made in the UK and that we can turn around orders really quickly, caught the attention of people we spoke to,” said Callum Grant, commercial director of AluWood Windows.

“There were some really key things that visitors liked. For joiners being able to do AluWood windows and doors in dual colour at no extra cost, provides real value to their business.

“We’re looking to grow our network of fabricators around the UK to manufacture our proven low-cost system. The reaction to the stand proves aluclad is very much a growing market.”