Lightweight construction

Leka’s Warm Roof is light enough to be installed on existing conservatory frames.

Rhys Hoddinott, director of Leka Systems, said: “The solid conservatory roof market is booming, so there is no better time to find out what the Leka Warm Roof has to offer your business.”

The Leka Warm Roof typically weighs within 30kg-40kg of a traditional glass conservatory roof, which means (in most cases) existing conservatory frames are able to take the weight of the new Leka roofing system without needing additional reinforcement.

Its lightweight construction also gives it its U value of just 0.15W/m²K. The Leka Warm Roof uses a structural, 100% weatherproof, lightweight insulated boarding system in place of the usual outer plywood, GRP in the structural roof rafters in place of aluminium and timber, and lightweight insulated finishing board in place of the plasterboard on the internal finish.

It is JHAI approved and BS EN13706 compliant, and the average installation takes just two-three days, including removing the old conservatory roof.