Light and efficient

neo Advance, the new double-glazed flat rooflight from The Rooflight Company, achieves the lowest possible U-value thanks to its aluminium frame and Thermal Shield technology, the company has announced.

The Rooflight Company’s neo range of flat and pitched rooflights has already been used by architects, property developers and self-builders since its launch in 2009. However, like most rooflights on the market, they require triple glazing to improve their energy efficiency.

Now, neo Advance’s aluminium frame combined with the company’s patented Thermal Shield technology improves thermal efficiency and protects against mould and condensation, allowing for a whole-window U-value as low as 1.06W/m2k in a double-glazed unit, meaning the unit is significantly lighter than its triple-glazed counterpart.

Its aluminium frame also makes it ideal for properties on the coast where the sea air accelerates the corrosion of steel window systems.

Steve Webber, managing director at The Rooflight Company, said: “We started out life with one product, our Conservation Rooflight, built from steel to remain as faithful as possible to the timeless style of traditional Victorian rooflights. But we were also founded on a principle of continual improvement.

“Aluminium is a hugely versatile material for rooflight frames and, combined with our research team’s innovative improvement to thermal efficiency, it means we can deliver to the market the absolute highest-spec product possible.

“neo Advance really is a beautiful rooflight that offers a sheer and uncluttered view of the sky, but it’s also incredibly energy efficient and environmentally friendly. It’s a testament to the skill and creativity of our innovation and manufacturing teams.”