Large glazing robot unveiled

GGR Group has unveiled what it claims to be the UK’s largest glazing robot to the market.

The dual circuit Oscar 1400 is the highest capacity glazing robot in the range. With a capacity of 1,400kg, the Oscar 1400 can lift up to 400kg more than other products in its class.

At 1,303mm wide with solid rubber wheels, the Oscar 1400 can be operated in confined spaces using the radio remote control, allowing it to carry loads through restricted access points. Now available for purchase and hire, it can transport a range of heavy glass, ceramic plates, plastic boards and any other non-porous materials.

The hydraulically powered robotic arm extends up to 2.3m and its hydraulically powered head can slew 90° left and right, 360° rotation and its ability to tilt 90° up and down.

This glazing robot also includes stabilisers for added safety when going over uneven ground and a powered side shift function for moving the device exactly into position when assisting with glass installation.

Graeme Riley, CEO of GGR Group, said: “As with our other large capacity equipment, the launch of the Oscar 1400 shows we are staying ahead of the game and can offer customers more lifting capacity than any other glazing robots currently available the UK.”