Investment in service

Window Ware has completed a £500,000 investment in a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

The Bedfordshire-firm has purchased a powerful online system that combines Window Ware’s sales, purchasing, accounting and inventory management all in one place.

The business management tool has already help the company consistently achieve an otif score of over 97% every month this year, the company said.

Response times from its sales office have been sped up thanks to the ability to provide a fast look-up of previously ordered items, meaning customers needn’t worry if they don’t know which part code to order; if it’s something they’ve ordered before, the system will provide the correct information.

The order accuracy of its inside sales team has also seen a big improvement with the company consistently achieving an order input accuracy of 99.9%.

“While it’s incredibly important we invest in new ranges to strengthen our product offering, it’s arguably more imperative we invest and improve our processes to ensure we can meet the demands of our customers nationwide, so that our service offering continues to get better and better,” Sam Nuckey, managing director of Window Ware, said.

“The intelligent, new system brings complete continuity across our entire operation and ensures every department is working in unison. That’s an important factor when we are dealing with over £2.5 million of stock, over 6,500 unique products, and a full variety of orders from customers across the country.”

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