Integrated barcoding

Doorco has integrated universal customer barcoding into its production.

“Using barcodes in manufacturing is nothing new but using a customer’s barcode in our facility is a revolutionary upgrade, delivering seamless integration between IT systems to increase speed and reduce delivery failure,” says Ben Aspinall, IT and marketing manager, said. “We have been trialling this project with customers, linking to their own internal manufacturing IT systems to produce the customer’s own unique barcodes.

“This basically means that when an order is received via electronic ordering, our system produces a customer specific barcode. It is applied to the packaging for manufacturing orders or to the slabs for distribution orders. Once the order arrives in the customer’s facility, it’s simply scanned-in at goods in and moves on through manufacturing or, if pre-prepped by Doorco, on to join the rest of the customer’s order.”

This initiative is ready to be rolled out to all customers following a successful trial.