Integral to the success of the business

When Aspire Bifolds was established two years ago, one of the first phone calls director John Small made was to Mark at Windowlink, because he believed its software was integral to the success of the business.

“We are growing fast,” John said. “Even though we are in the early stages of the business, we are very busy. We already have three surveyors as well as three full time installation teams.

“Because we are busy it’s a no brainer to have Windowlink software in place. It saves loads of time for us and adds a level of professionalism to our quotes. When we are with a customer, we can measure up, put the sizes in the system with some other variables and it gives us an accurate sales price within seconds.

“We set our margins in the software, and that means we have confidence that we are selling at the right prices. Windowlink makes choosing the options simple and we often turn around the screen, so customers can pick for themselves. They feel very involved in the process, and they especially like the visual element of Windowlink’s software where they see what their property will look like in 3D from inside and outside, with the new products fitted just from uploading a photo.

“Without Windowlink we would have to send the information off to the supplier for the trade price and wait. We would have to reformat and reword it, before sending it out to customers. Then there are all the contracts and invoices that are automatically produced and emailed immediately to the customer as part of the service.”

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