Improve sales with augmented reality

Production Software Technology (PST) has developed vsHome AR, an app that allows installers to share product designs directly to their customer’s phone or tablet, where they can use augmented reality to explore their potential purchase before making a commitment.

vsHome AR works as a companion app to vsHome, the company’s sales platform that has been designed for installers to use as a sales and surveying software solution. It allows users to design, visualise, and price a wide range of products such as windows, doors, conservatories, garden rooms and more.

With an integrated 3D editor and simple to use drag and drop tools, PST managing director, Neil Travers, says the technology allows installers to bring their customers’ ideas to life.

He commented: “With the development of vsHome, we needed to take this a step further in order to allow installers to complete the sales process using modern augmented reality technology. Through vsHome AR, then, installers can share their designs with customers, and with multiple viewing modes, homeowners can either scale the model to a life size representation on the side of their home, or place it on a tabletop.

“Once the model has been placed, the user can lock it down and move around it using their smartphone or tablet as the viewpoint.

“With vsHome AR, installers can add a real wow factor to their sales visits, giving potential customers more control over their investments, increasing their conversion rates, and potentially growing their business. The software is set to revolutionise the glazing industry, helping installers grow and improve as we move towards a new digital world.”