How to do more with less

Haffner Murat has reported a significant upturn in enquiries from PVCU and aluminium fabricators interested in using automation.

Dave Thomas, managing director at Haffner Murat, said: “We have a wide range of CNC machining centres, and we work closely with our customers to ensure they get the solutions their business needs. This even extends to developing bespoke machine solutions if required.”

Haffner Murat offers 25 CNC machining centres, covering both PVCU and aluminium fabrication, and with options for businesses of all sizes. As well as off-the-shelf machines, the company also offers bespoke solutions, which can be designed and built within 12-16 weeks.

“We always put our customers first by providing free, impartial consultancy as standard practice. We listen closely to their requirements and use our engineering expertise to recommend the solution that will give them what they need, whether that’s a standard or a bespoke machine option. Our high level of repeat business is evidence that people trust and value our input.”

Haffner Murat is the sole UK agent of Haffner and Murat Machinery, and is also the agents for FOM and Italmac aluminium fabrication machinery.

“Automation is an excellent solution for operating in the new normal,” Dave said. “It gives fabricators the ability to do more with less because one machine can do the work of several people. It provides a solution for having the minimum number of people needed on site, while still being able to operate productively and profitably, and allows production to scale up or down depending on production levels.”