High speed twin head saw

A new high-speed version of Emmegi (UK)’s Precision RS twin head saw is now available.

First seen at Fensterbau in March, the new Precision HS has an X axis positioning speed of 35m/min, compared with the 25m/min available on the standard Precision RS. It can also be specified with a 50m/min axis positioning speed for even faster performance if required.

With five NC axes for cutting aluminium and PVCU, the twin head saw on the Precision HS has two 600mm cemented carbide blades capable of cutting from 45° to 157.5° with a resolution of 280 positions per degree.

In standard feed mode, the machine can cut profiles up to 450mm high while in radial mode, it can mitre cut at 45° on profiles up to 240mm wide. The blade feed is controlled by two NC axes to ensure optimal adjustment of the blades’ exit speed and stroke.

The movement of the mobile head, the angle of the saws and the cutting operations are all automatically controlled, and the machine uses a linear magnetic measuring system to achieve precision positioning and profile clamping without the need for axis referencing.

The blade rotation speed is fully adjustable as well, and it can be supplied with a roller conveyor on the mobile head for standard feeding and unloading, or on the fixed head for feeding from the left-hand side as required.

Emmegi (UK)’s managing director Ian Latimer said: “In the face of the ongoing skills shortage, we’re seeing more and more customers investing in this type of automated machinery which allows them to increase volumes without necessarily increasing their workforce.

“The new Precision HS can be set up with fully automatic cutting cycles, so that a single operator can manage everything from the inclination of the head to the blade’s exit stroke length via a simple touchscreen control console. The machine is fully enclosed and soundproofed as well so it makes a very user-friendly addition to any large-scale factory.”