Growth following product redesign

Two recently evolved products at hardware giants Caldwell are helping to drive sales, according to Tim Ferkin, sales director at Caldwell.
The hardware company launched the re-engineered products earlier in 2017 and they have boosted sales at the company.
“Earlier this year we decided to look at improving two of our spring balances – the Ultra Lift 2 (UL 2) and the Torso – which are designed to give the end user mechanical assistance in opening and closing their sash window,” Tim said. “The end result of our efforts was two newly evolved products: the Ultra Lift 6 (UL 6) and Torso II.”
Caldwell claims that the Torso II is now the only class 6 balance and offers up to 85% mechanical assistance and can hold sashes that weigh up to 60kg.
Both new balances are available in a variety of colours including white, brown and grey, and the Torso II now has a sleek design, with tube diameters of 17mm and 19mm.
“It was a priority for us to ensure that the modifications we made to the Ultra Lift and Torso would not impact the manufacturing process by which they are incorporated into finished windows. Indeed, there will be no extra fitting requirements and no extra costs for manufacturers,” Tim said.

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