Grey glass trend

Guardian Glass has introduced a new double-silver-coated solar control glass with a grey, neutral appearance that meets current architectural trends for glass facades and windows.

Guardian SunGuard SuperNeutral SN 63 offers a range of performance benefits, including light transmission, thermal insulation, solar control and external/internal reflection.

Nicolas Gouzou, product manager at Guardian Glass Europe, said: “In interior design projects, the colour grey has long since shaken off its image of being gloomy and depressing. Homes, offices and public buildings are now being decorated with this versatile colour with exterior glass design projects in Europe following this same trend.

“Architects are moving away from glazed facades with a greenish tint appearance towards glass solutions that provide a neutral grey appearance, giving a more sophisticated look to the building.

“In addition to its appearance, we’ve also enhanced its performance to provide an exceptional combination of benefits, allowing architects to precisely tune the building envelope to suit the environment, the climate and to provide optimal comfort for building occupants.”

SunGuard SN 63 is available in both annealed and tempered versions.