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Fabricators from as far afield as Korea, Namibia, Chile and Japan descended on Mühlacker, Germany, to experience Elumatec’s TechDays.

The three-day event sought to showcase the firm’s product range, and give attendees an insight into the direction fabrication technology is moving in.

Visitors were treated to live demonstrations, designed to show how Elumatec’s aluminium and PVCU machining solutions can help fabricators boost productivity and increase quality.

Included were two new additions to the company’s SBZ line of CNCs: the SBZ 628 introduces a new horizontal saw set, significantly improving the four-axis machine’s speed and efficiency; while the SBZ 141, another new four-axis CNC, can boast more stable, ergonomic machine beds, and autonomous clamp positioning to accelerate pass-through times.

The company also showcased a number of products from its expanded PVCU range, including: the Stürtz FlexCentre 160, a cutting and machining centre for PVCU window and door production; the Stürtz TXR 3/2 corner transom cleaner; and the Sturtz VSM Turbo Welder, a high-speed vertical four-point welder.

Software products were also demonstrated live at the event, including eluCad – a user-friendly programme designed to allow operators to issue commands to machines using a simple interface rather than complex ISO code.

Managing director Phil Heavey said: “The TechDays are really the highlight of our calendar here at Elumatec. It was fantastic to be able to bring over a thousand existing and potential customers from all around the world to our Mühlacker HQ – and I’m delighted to say that feedback from attendees has been extremely positive.”

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