Flush to match

Aluk has launched a 58BW flush window option to complement to the 58BD flush door and give customers the option of a fully suited flush installation.

Aluk’s 58BD entrance door system is available in a wide range of styles and formats and comes in single and double configurations.

It is easy to fabricate and easy to install, the company said, and it ticks all the boxes for homeowners, developers and specifiers with PAS24 accreditation, slim sightlines, double or triple glazed options, and single or dual colour configurations.

Included within the 58BD range is the 58BD flush option, which is used in contemporary developments. It boasts flush aesthetics, slim 119mm sightlines. and comes with the option of double or triple glazing.

Recent installations at Schooner Wharf in Cardiff and Redcliffe Place in Bristol have showcased the benefits of the door in both new build and refurbishment settings.