Flooding in

The Glazerite UK Group has teamed up with flood defence manufacturer Flood Angel.

Customers now have access to a range of high-specification flood doors, which include residential, french and composite, along with the opportunity to become part of an exclusive retail partner network authorised to market the products throughout the UK.

The composite door is based on a Palladio monocoque slab, Halo frame, patented seals and Maco hardware, and is fully compliant with PAS 1188 –1:2014, as are the other doors in the range.

The certification guarantees that the door is able withstand water levels up to 600mm deep, all made possible thanks to a group of components including specialised locking mechanisms and gaskets.

Jason Thompson, director of The Glazerite UK Group, said: “[Homeowners] recognise the need to protect their homes but they also want the reassurance of a high-specification defence system, and nowhere more so than the doors.

“Flood Angel has a reputation second to none for all kinds of flood mitigation systems, including its range of Flood Defender doors. Now, we are inviting installer partners to become part of a network of exclusive dealerships to market the door all around the UK and tap into this lucrative market.”