Flexible addition

Nano 470 has launched IC40, which incorporates all benefits of the existing range but with increased viscosity.

This added benefit allows the adhesive to be beaded onto vertical areas as well as more traditional horizontal work. Allowing time for positioning of the glass with less run off and slumping.

John Jackson managing director, said: “This new product has been developed over the past two years, and further strenghtens the product range for use in industrial manufacturing applications, DIY uses, and glass artists alike.

“We developed IC40 in conjunction with a major USA refrigeration manufacturer, which  makes four million units per year, and who were unhappy with the household name brand they had been using. After exhaustive testing by them – including humidity, freezing, impact, shear and drop tests – IC40 passed with flying colours.”

IC40 is a very high strength glass-glass and glass-metal adhesive that carries forward the brand’s trade mark benefit of dual cure either using UV light sources or visible light sources, which are low cost so much more suitable for the DIY user or occasional user.