Fire door training

Bluesky Certification is offering a one-day training course about fire doors at Cambridge Fire Research on March 13, 2018.

“The aim of the day is to give delegates an insight into what is important when specifying, manufacturing or installing fire doors, including what can go wrong,” Simon Beer, managing director at Bluesky Certification, said.

The day will focus on a fire test demonstration, which will show what is involved in testing, as well as demonstrating the impact of typical issues that are commonly found on site.

There will also be sessions on regulations and how they relate to fire doors.

“We will also consider how a fire door is made up and the role of its components,” Simon said. “After we have covered manufacturing issues, we will then look at installation, handover documentation and maintenance.

“Since Grenfell Tower, and before that Lakanal House, fire doors are under increased scrutiny. Subtle changes to the specification of a doorset can have a substantial effect on its fire resistance, and it is important that those involved in fire doors understand how the various components work together.

“We are aware that a large number of fire doorsets are currently being replaced following the Grenfell Tower fire, but if these new doorsets are not manufactured, installed and maintained correctly, their replacement will not improve safety. This informative day is designed to cover the relevant topics pertinent to the manufacture, installation and maintenance of fire doors.”

The training will be held at Cambridge Fire Research’s site in Pampisford, and it is open to anyone with an interest in the manufacture, installation, maintenance or specification of fire doors.