Extreme lock and fishing shield

The ERA Extremeis designed to withstand an attack from every angle: back-and-forward, side-to-side and up-and-down.

Tested by an independent laboratory to double the required standard of PAS24, the Extremeuses a minimum of eight visible locking mechanisms to secure the window giving the fabricator a window that’s three times stronger than its nearest rival, according to ERA.

The Extremeworks by using two steel cams either side of the centre deadbolt sliding into a central keep. The patented docking system of the bolt prevents sideways movement when under attack providing security to the centre section of the window.

Kerry Blackford, head of product development at ERA, said: “The Extremeis perfect for a fabricator looking for quick to fit, ultimate security performance.”

ERA has also developed the Fab&Fix Nu Mail Shield, to comply with the February 2016 revision to the PAS24 security standard governing letterplate security – that all doors require a TS008:2015-compliant letterplate fitted.

This eliminates the risk of manipulation or ‘fishing’ to gain access to a property.

The Fab&Fix Nu Mail Shield works with the Fab&Fix Nu Mail 76mm letterplate and, when combined, is approved and tested to TS008:2015.

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