Expanding spacer and accessories range

Thermoseal Group’s full range now includes 338 products manufactured both in its own spacer bar production facility and by its injection moulding division, which now produces more than 10 million mouldings per year.

The group recently added a series of new sizes to its Thermobar Warm Edge range, including: 14.5mm, 18.5mm, 21.5mm and 23.5mm spacers with bespoke corner keys to suit. These are now available in black, grey and white.

Recent additions also include Thermobar Interbar and fittings in 11.5mm x 22mm and 15.5mm x 22mm sizes, which also come in black, grey and white. Thermobar Interbar is the group’s alternative to its Duplex fittings range, which is used to simulate multipane windows with standard Thermobar Warm Edge Spacer.

“We have seen a continual increase in demand for Thermobar Warm Edge Spacers and now supply to customers in 27 countries across five continents,” sales director Mark Hickox said. “As a result, we have been expanding our spacer bar production facilities to ensure we can manufacture a broad range of sizes and can colour-match our products to suit. Our Injection Moulding Division has also seen continued investment to develop a broad range of fittings to meet our customers’ diverse requirements.

“The rapid development of our multi-pane window components has been spurred on by changes in legislation across Europe where internal components such as Georgian bar and Interbar and Duplex systems can now result in Window U-value penalties. Our Thermobar Interbar has been developed using lowest conductivity material to complement our Thermobar range as a replacement for traditional aluminium more conductive options.

“As a business, we have the advantage of being large enough to manufacture our own products but small enough to react quickly to market demands without the constraints of being controlled by a parent company.

“As a result, our latest production addition is a dedicated extrusion line for the manufacture of the expanding range of Thermobar Interbar we offer. We have also now added a recycling plant to help reduce our carbon footprint.”

Thermobar warm edge spacers and all accessories are fully tested in the group’s own technical centre before being fully tried and tested in IG sealed unit production. Thermobar, and Thermoseal Group’s other highest performance warm edge spacer Thermoflex, are among the highest rated in the marketplace, the company said.


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