Evenly lit facades

AGC Interpane now offers various products with integrated LEDs under the brand name Glassiled.

New to this product range is Glassiled Uni, which provides evenly illuminated glass surfaces coupled with high energy efficiency. Unlike the other Glassiled products, the LEDs are not glued onto the surface of the insulating glazing in the space between the panes, but are integrated into the surround.

The monochrome or RGB LEDs illuminate the glass from its edges, resulting in a uniform light effect from the inside out. The colour and temperature can be selected freely, so facades can easily be adapted to match the corporate design.

The maximum dimensions of a Glassiled Uni unit are currently 3m x 2m. The glazing is compatible with conventional frame structures and is easy to maintain. During daylight hours, Glassiled Uni can be turned off, rendering it completely transparent. In interior applications, the product is ideal for creating unusual designs that combine privacy and colourful effects.

By contrast, the other products in the Glassiled range have the LEDs glued directly onto the surface of the glass in the space between the insulating glazing panes and are supplied with electricity via a transparent conducting film.