Emerging door trends

An emerging trend for pink doors has gathered huge traction during lockdown thanks to social media, and platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest are providing the perfect place for door styles and trends to gain popularity.

That’s the view of Lauren Barnes, head social media co-ordinator at Vista.

In April, it emerged over social media that fans of cleaning guru Mrs Hinch had been sharing their pictures of their DIY pink-painted front doors on her Facebook Facebook page ‘Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It’.

As one of Mrs Hinch’s 3.3 million followers on Instagram, Lauren has been following the new trend, and a door manufactured and supplied by Vista has had plenty of views.

“While Mrs Hinch is a lover of all-grey-everything, her fans have decided that pink is all the rage,” Lauren said. “Since then lots of women have said they wanted to do the same and pink doors have been popping up all over the UK this summer.”

The composite door by Vista was installed in Oxfordshire by family-run glazing business Hanney Glazed and was seen on Instagram by hanneyglazedltd and by the homeowner Tracey (Instagram @my3rs101).

And, according to Lauren, it shows the importance of social media for providing a visual focus for consumers.

“With lockdown causing an even bigger percentage of the population to migrate online, social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have proved vital for companies like us as a link to the outside world over the last four months,” Lauren said.

“They have allowed us to keep communicating with our followers during lockdown and they continue to be an important way to show off installed products.”


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