Cornering the shower market

Bohle has unveiled the new MasterTrack ST shower door system, designed to offer simple and easy installation and effortless operation, while is also ideally suited to corner and recessed applications.

The flexible system eliminates any requirement to process glass on site, tapping into the same principles that underpin the easy-fit MasterTrack internal sliding door.

It’s suitable for installation as either a barrier-free or low threshold system, while it can be configured to either two-sided corner applications, recess applications, u-showers, and one-sided corners. It is easily adaptable to small or large installations.

Dave Broxton, managing director of Bohle, said: “MasterTrack ST is a very elegant, minimalistic system, which gives you and your customers impressive of design flexibility.

“This understated and contemporary design appeal is built around a highly engineered and exceptionally well considered product.

“There’s no requirement to process glass on site. Once the carriage is fitted to the rail, all of the components are accessible from the front of the shower and are easy to adjust.

“Every element of this door speaks quality.”

The system draws down on the technology developed by Bohle for its MasterTrack internal sliding door, which can be fitted in as little as 10 minutes.

This includes the use of a sophisticated carriage and damper-system. Manufactured in metal these use a patented hydraulics system and a double-sided spring guide to effortlessly slow the door in a single and ultra-smooth operation.

“There’s no measuring required to install the running carriages, they simply sit flush with the edge of the glass,” Dave said. “Glass is simply clamped between specially developed reprocessed cork pads and tightened.”

Profile is supplied in either a matt or polished chrome finish, in lengths of up to 2m, accommodating even the largest of showers.

Door height can be adjusted by +/-3mm using an allen key.