Consumer appeal

Huddersfield-based Walkers Windows has been selling Stellar from Epwin Window Systems, which is “the best on the market and it gives us clear points of differentiation,” according to owner Brent Walker.

Stellar windows are on display at Walkers Windows’ two retail showrooms: Huddersfield and Ossett.

“I call Stellar a ‘showroom product’,” Brent said. “When customers see it on display, they are immediately drawn to it as it has real consumer appeal. It is visually different from other aluminium windows on the market and it’s contemporary, high-end aesthetics make it a very easy sell.”

He continued: “The flush detail is impressive, but the standout feature for me is the equal sightlines for opening and non-opening panes without the need to add a dummy sash, which you’d typically find on other aluminium windows.

“I have been selling and fitting aluminium windows for many years and most other systems are flat, not flush, and heavier in design. Stellar looks better and sells itself.”