Consolidated set benefits

The Roto FRH UNI outward opening reversible window system,which is Carl F Groupco’s biggest selling range,is now available as a consolidated set.

The enhanced packaging initiative simplifies stock holding at Carl F Groupco’s distribution centres in Peterborough and Cumbernauld and supports the company’s objective of otif deliveries. The fabrication process is also improved as hinges are bundled into window sets for easy product selection, the company said.

Roto FRH UNI hardware makes it easy to fully reverse the window by pulling down on the top of the sash. The UNI reversible system has been designed to meet stringent standards including PAS 24 for security, and is capable of achieving emergency escape (providing that all relevant Building Regulations are met). In 2018, Roto upgraded the standard finish to Grade 5 for corrosion resistance.

Carl F Groupco reports that there will be a transition to the new packaging over the course of the next few months but there will be no change to how customers place their orders.

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