Colour sales skyrocket

Dekko has said demand for colour has skyrocketed, growing from 20% of sales to over 55% in the past five to six years.

According to Dekko, a shift in consumer preferences and spending habits is behind this trend, with homeowners choosing coloured windows and doors to enhance and add value to their homes. The Lancashire fabricator says its strength in colour comes from a strong partnership with Deceuninck which lets them supply colour on short, reliable lead times.

Dekko’s sales director Kurt Greatrex said: “Other fabricators might offer a handful of colours, but they can’t match our 30 colourways from stock across a full suite of products including windows, flush doors, tilt and turn windows and patio doors. That’s why installers choose Dekko over other fabricators.

“Deceuninck’s support is critical. Their investment in warehousing, logistics and foiling lets us sell colour with confidence. Deceuninck holds £4.5 million of foiled products in the warehouse so we know anything we order – from a single length of profile to a stillage – will be on our next delivery. Everything is foiled in-house so quality is always first-rate too.”

Dekko is confident colour will continue to grow.

“That’s the great thing with colour, there are fashions and everyone’s taste is different,” Kurt said. “A few years ago, chartwell green was one of our top sellers, now homeowners prefer agate grey and other heritage-style colours. These trends will change and continue to stimulate the market.”

Deceuninck’s managing director Rob McGlennon said: “We invested in colour to help our fabricators stand out and sell more and it’s worked. Like Dekko, most of our top fabricators are comfortably over 50% colour, which is well ahead of the industry average.”

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