Cleaner rebates

By Sarah Hitchings, sales and marketing director of The Residence Collection.

The Residence Collection has set the design standard in the premium PVCU systems segment for some years now in terms of single and dual colour options, profile shape and in the way they’ve designed cleaner rebates.

Typical glazing rebates in PVCU windows and doors have changed little since the 1960s, with gaskets either rolled in or co-extruded onto the upstand of the outer frame. By design, R2, R7 and R9 frames don’t carry any gaskets on the frame, they sit within the sash, much like the way in which timber windows are carefully constructed, helping to create an easy-to-clean rebate.

When opening an R9 window, there is also the visual appeal of a fully laminated rebate, matching the colour and finish of the internal face. Both R2 and R7 feature seven different substrates so that the internal face has a closely matching through colour too. Regardless of which window or door design from The Residence Collection, they are all far easier to clean than standard PVCU windows and doors.

Throughout The Residence Collection, there are unique design details which help set these beautiful windows and doors apart from the masses. Clean rebates without gaskets and with colour matched or even foiled finishes, do make these products something special.

Collectively, these most exacting of details help sell these windows and doors at a time when consumers are demanding better products when it comes to investing in their homes. Our levels of social engagement with consumers over the last 12 months also fully reflects this.

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