The central role of customer relationships

Since purchasing CentralRPL two years ago, Gary Morton, CEO of BoingBoing Group, and his team have been aligning the operations and product portfolio of the Midlands-based fabricator.

They have also been streamlining operations, enhancing its service and product offering, and energising the brand.

As well as completing a full system move to the Optima system from Epwin, a sister aluminium company was also formed – CentralASL – and is in full flow with production.

“Aluminium was one of the main products we wanted to be able to supply our customers directly,” Gary said. “Our strategy is all about finding products and services for our customers, rather than customers for our products and services. It is vital that we ensure our customers who want aluminium can access the same expertise and service they rely on from the PVCU team at CentralRPL.”

The company fabricates using the Optimo range of windows and bifold, entrance and patio doors from Aluk.