Celebrate sustainability

Senior Architectural Systems is inviting the industry to take part in its dedicated social media event on Friday March 13, following the success of the first Aluminium Day last year, and this year the theme is all about sustainability.

Throughout the day, Senior’s social media channels will celebrate the versality of aluminium and the benefits it can bring to the construction market and beyond. This year, Senior will be championing the sustainability of aluminium by sharing a variety of facts, case studies, and technical information about the material which can be endlessly recycled without any detriment to its quality or performance.

As well as looking at some environmentally conscious aluminium products that are available, including Senior’s own energy-efficient Pure range of aluminium windows and doors, there will also be a chance to find out more about different uses of recycled aluminium and discover some of the latest low-carbon manufacturing techniques that have been developed.

Contributions from companies and individuals are welcome and you can join in the conversation by posting using #AluminiumDay.

In the run up to event, and in keeping with promoting how aluminium can improve sustainability and reduce waste, Senior will be running a competition to win 50 re-useable aluminium water bottles. More information on how to enter the competition will be available on Senior’s website and social media channels.

Senior’s marketing manager Jonny Greenstreet said: “We’re really excited to host our second Aluminium Day event and to once more help raise awareness of the many different uses and benefits of this wonderfully versatile material.

“As we proved last year, there’s more to aluminium than meets the eye and it terms of sustainability, it is hard to beat. With so many discussions currently taking place about how we can protect the Earth’s resources and reduce waste, aluminium has an important part to play and we’re looking forward to opening up the conversation on the March 13.”