Bonding update

Bohle has launched its new UVA Star UV bonding tube lamps, which deliver higher quality cures while reducing energy consumption.

Part of Bohle’s Verifix UV bonding range, the new UV lamp range is can be used to bond lengths of glass of up to 1,410mm.

The new ‘T8’ tube technology creates a high UVA output with a wave range of 315nm-400nm, operating from a power source of just 230 volts.  

This high ratio of output to power is achieved using a new electrical transformer, which is integrated in the housing. This also reduces flickering, significantly improving the curing of acrylate adhesives.

It’s also fitted with filter disks to prevent damage to the eyes, skin, and to avoid stresses in the bonding.

Bohle MD Dave Broxton said: “UV bonding technology is an area where Bohle really has led the rest of the world. The UVA Star UV bonding lamp moves this technology further forward, offering exceptional bond performance but allowing glass processors to do so more cost effectively.”

Verifix UVA Star bonding tube lamps from Bohle are available in 500mm, 1110mm and 1410mm, sizes.

Bohle offers a complete range of UV bonding technologies. In addition to its new UVA Star Tube lamp, this includes cleaning agents, pre-treatments, curing adhesives, bonding tables, rigid fixing and clamping devices.

“What Bohle has been very good at is predicting where glass processors and furniture makers will see growth and supporting them in doing it,” Dave said. “Boundaries in glass design are being pushed forward all of the time and we’re working closely with those glass processors at the leading-edge to give them the technologies to do it.”