‘Best’ forged steel product

The new hardware range from Stonebridge has been certified as the best forged steel product available.

Rust and atmospheric pitting is a common problem for homeowners who live in coastal areas due to the high concentration of sodium chloride in the air. But these problems aren’t exclusive to the seaside, Stonebridge said.

People living in industrial areas can also experience difficulties due to the corrosive effect of airborne pollutants as a result of certain manufacturing processes.

Stonebridge’s Armor-Coat range has been tested to BS EN 1670:2007 Grade 5, the highest possible standard. The test required products to be exposed to a neutral salt spray under controlled laboratory conditions for 480 hours and the results showed exceptionally high corrosion resistance.

“We’ve designed this new range to give consumers a stylish choice of hardware that they can be confident will last for a very long time,” Ian Smith, design and brand manager at DJH Group, said.

“To come through a 480-hour salt spray test is a massive achievement. Our nearest competitors failed at well under half that time, so that just shows how difficult it is.”

The Armor-Coat system also incorporates UV protection for fade resistance.