Balanced operation

Roseview’s Rose Collection windows come with Caldwell’s high-performance UL6 spring balances.

Providing up to 80% assisted lift, the UL6 allows for smooth, quiet, maintenance-free operation.

Its high spring tension along the length of the balance prevents the sort of ‘hop and drop’ issues that affect so many windows that use lower-quality components, the company said.

Caldwell claims it is currently the only spring balance on the market that achieves AAMA Class 6 (the highest grade possible) in performance testing.

Ken Wilson, Caldwell’s managing director, said: “When a world-class business like Roseview chooses to use your products, you know you’re doing something right.

“We’re delighted that they’ve chosen to use our balances across the board on the Rose Collection, and are confident they’ll ensure thousands of homeowners enjoy excellent performance for decades to come.

Mike Bygrave, Roseview’s marketing director, said: “We’ve had a very long association with Caldwell. As manufacturers of the highest quality sash windows, a crucial part of our ethos is that we only use the highest quality, most reliable components – our customers count on us for that. Caldwell balances are an important part of what we do, so we’re delighted to extend our partnership across the full range of Rose Collection sash windows.”

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